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Impact Menu Covers, a certified Women's Business Enterprise, is the leader in Custom Menu Cover Design and Manufacturing. We have been creating the most sought after restaurant menu covers and guest directory presentations for the hospitality industry since 1987.

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Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to create branding quality designs for menus, wine lists, check presenters, guest services directory covers, table-top accessories, and clipboards. The uniqueness and superior quality of our custom presentation covers are internationally acknowledged. We are challenged by new materials, new designs, and new manufacturing techniques demanded by new materials and designs.Through the demands of our customers, Impact Menus has expanded into Custom Signage, and unique table‑top accessories. See our Newsletters / Professional Links / Awards


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Impact Menus does a lot more than just restaurant menu covers. We are constantly challenged to come up with new cover designs using all types of materials. The choice of materials we have to design your custom menu is extensive and includes, leather, metal, solid wood, vinyl, fabric, poly, grasscloth, paper, tempered glass, acrylic, cork, and more.

We can compliment, and even create, your restaurant's identity. We can obtain any material you request for your custom pieces. All of our menu and restaurant logo designs are one of a kind with superior workmanship. We take pride in recommending the right menu material and menu cover design for each individual client. We also have design services that specialize in restaurant logo design and creation for your custom menus. We can create your restaurant artwork from scratch.

We can design your restaurant's menu cover, wine list cover, or custom clipboard to incorporate your existing logo on any material you desire. We can also work with custom artwork to come up with the right restaurant menu cover for your needs. We know how demanding the restaurant industry is and we accommodate our clients in any way possible. We will go to great lengths to make sure you get what you want. We are proud to stand completely behind the custom restaurant menu covers that we create and design.

If you are looking for a leather or faux leather menu cover design, Impact Menus has the largest choice of leather and faux leathers available. This gives us the opportunity for maximum versatility in designing your leather and faux leather custom menus.

We are experts in metal, wood and leather restaurant menu cover and wine list design, and metal, wood & glass logo artwork.

Let Impact Menus help you do more than just make restaurant menus. Let us help you come up with the perfect custom restaurant menu design.


Bobi Hamilton founded Impact Enterprises in 1987. Her focus and foresight, together with her refusal to accept 'industry dictated' designs and standards have allowed Impact to grow into a major design and manufacturing operation. Bobi Hamilton and Impact were the first to introduce unique metal menu covers, tempered glass menu covers, and solid wood menu covers to the hospitality industries.Our designs and material combinations have been copied by all of our competitors, however, our quality construction and superior customer service can not be copied. Impact has stirred excitement, adventure, and creativity into the manufacturing industry for custom menu covers, table-top accessories, specialty covers, and custom corporate gifts. See Testimonials and Customers.


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