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Branding... The Complete Concept
"Branding" is exactly what the term implies:  an act of identification.   Making ownership recognizable.  In the Business community the meaning of the term"Branding" is extended to include 'a means to channel recognition and create memory recall '.  Memory recall requires more than just artwork or a logo.  It requires a combination of product uniqueness, creative stability, and attitude.  If handled properly, Branding offers a meaningful opportunity to set oneselve apart by creating memory in the minds of your customers and  guests.
Creating memory is a simple enough concept, however, a concept that can work for you or against you.  Positive memory is our quest.  Negative memory may result if the complete concept of branding is not understood.  No business intentionally creates negative memory.  It just happens.   Anything a little out of the ordinary creates memory.
What makes Branding work?....
  • Uniquness provides the basis for branding.
  • Creative Stability reinforces memory
  • Attitude is the agent that binds uniqueness and creative stability.
Successful branding accomplishes a positive retention of knowledge.  Memory about a business, establishment, and property is easily recalled.
Accept your need for branding.  Competition must be acknowledged.  Such acknowledgement encourages careful planning for branding.   Successful Branding is more than just identifying yourself.  It includes getting your customers to recall your name before that of your competitor(s).   There is a difference.  If you have no competition, branding is not critical, however, competition will eventually surface, and established branding will contribute to continued maximization of revenues.  If you have competition, successful memory recall is critical for maximization of revenues.  Restaurants, Hotels, Clubs, Resorts, Design firms, and Industry Leaders acknowledge the need for successful branding.
Customer's remember something that is unique and different, but unique and different isn't enough.  The concept or amenity and items being used to create branding must also be pleasing to your customers for maximum recall.   A pleasing piece generates a sense of respect in the minds of your customers.  It almost becomes a personal issue.  Your customer senses that your 'branding' is directed at them.   It compliments their present frame of mind, whether this be in a dining experience, holiday/vacation, business trip, or shopping experience.   Therefore, your understanding of just who your customers are will be a significant factor in creating successful branding.
Creative stability minimizes long-term monotony or sameness.  Customers want the comfort of the familiar, however, the familiar must be tactfully upgraded periodically.   By understanding your customer base, you will be able to offer 'change' that is well received, and in turn reinforces memory recall.   A new design for an existing product or amenity, a new material for an existing design, or a new amenity/product all of which must compliment the familiar.
Attitude creates and reinforces ambiance.  You and your staff is have the faculty to reinforce maximum positive memory recall.  Good customer service compliments all branding options. 
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