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Last month, we addressed the concept of “custom v. innovative” presentation products, explaining that the term ‘custom’ in the manufacturing industry has taken on its noun value, a ‘habit’, or ‘routine’. It is indicative of a mindset void of innovative thinking; a mindset that ignores the importance of ‘capturing attention’ and ‘creating that sense of value’ generated by innovative products.

"Custom".., Adjective or Noun...?

If you always do what you always did,

You will always get what you always got…

Albert Einstein

Lighted menu covers became popular, but faded rather quickly because of experimental technology, design constraints, charging issues, and cost. Today, after continued research, prototype development, and product development, Impact Menus offers lighted menu covers that accomplish what they were originally designed to do; provide an effective visual in darkened environments with minimal maintenance requirements, convenient charging means, and available in varied design options at reasonable cost. Impact Menu’s lighted menu covers have become a popular custom menu for properties with a dimmed ambiance.

Menu covers need to be designed to accommodate the demands of today’s increasingly sophisticated and demanding customers. Years past, a set menu selection was acceptable with occasional daily ‘specials’. Today, customers want to see fresh selections regularly, particularly as the seasons change. As a result, today’s menu covers need to accommodate easy replacement of your printed menu pages. There are several binding techniques that accommodate easy ‘change-out’, and all can be used in custom restaurant menu covers manufactured from a wide selection of cover materials in standard and distinctive designs.

Who we work with

Who we work with