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After an adventurous day of hiking in the Willamette National Forest, sampling wild elderberry and wild raspberry, I treated myself to dinner at ‘10 Below’, a restaurant in Bend, OR.This restaurant, located in the environmentally responsible Oxford Hotel, is known for its support of the sustainable food movement, working with available locally sourced and organic foods.

Ambiance, Stress, and Diet?

A 2010 study from the University of Michigan showed that when levels of the stress hormone cortisol, were boosted in healthy, non-stressed adults, they ate more snack foods.”… You also are likely to eat fewer regular meals and fewer vegetables: Emotional Eating and Stress Eating

Menu covers need to be designed to accommodate the demands of today’s increasingly sophisticated and demanding customers. Years past, a set menu selection was acceptable with occasional daily ‘specials’. Today, customers want to see fresh selections regularly, particularly as the seasons change. As a result, today’s menu covers need to accommodate easy replacement of your printed menu pages. There are several binding techniques that accommodate easy ‘change-out’, and all can be used in custom restaurant menu covers manufactured from a wide selection of cover materials in standard and distinctive designs.

Who we work with

Who we work with