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Menu-Cover-Dubai-Menu-Covers Impact Enterprises Classic Menu Cover manufacturing capability has stirred excitement in the hospitality industry, and generated new levels of creativity for menu covers. Our menu cover designs have become international favorites. The materials used to create our menu covers are varied and some are quite unique. Impact researches new materials for durability, quality, appearance, and cost. We strive to provide unique, creative, and quality menu covers at costs which remain within your budgetary parameters for a menu cover.

Classic Menu Covers

Impacts Classic Menu Covers Are International Favorites



Impact Enterprises Embroidered Menu Covers have exceptionally high stitch concentration for a menu cover. This high concentration of stitches creates top quality embroidery which allows your menu covers to stand out. This classic decoration is available in multiple colors, has no limit on design quality, and can be used for a menu cover manufactured from genuine leather, faux leather, fabric, urethane, and vinyl. Embroidered menu covers are classic, chic, and can easily be used to create a branding quality menu cover.

Embroidered Menu Covers

Impacts Embroidered Menu Covers Have The Highest Stitch Concentration



Menu-Cover-AquaKnoxMenu-Cover Impact Enterprises Poly Menu Covers are available in all of the unique designs that an Impact menu cover has become known for. Our poly is primarily Polyethylene because is produces more durable menu covers, however, Polypropylene is available and comes in some interesting colors. For our menu covers manufactured from poly, we recommend a heat-scored spine. This adds to the durability of the menu cover. The beauty of poly is that it is waterproof, can be cleaned easily, is durable, can be decorated in several decoration types, and is cost efficient. Impact focuses on using recycled poly for its menu covers
Acrylic Menu Covers Impacts Poly Menu Covers Are Manufactured From Recycled Poly.


Menu-Cover-Wine-Menu-Menu-Covers Impacts Wine List and Beverage Menu Covers are popular in Wine Bars, Lounges, and Nightclubs around the world. It is a menu cover that is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, however, the most popular tends to be narrow and tall. Our most popular wine list and beverage menu covers are copper, brass, brushed aluminum, wood, leather, and cork. We just developed a wine list menu cover manufactured from tempered glass, a first for the hospitality industry. Beverage and wine list menu covers have the same binding options that are avaialable to any menu cover.

Wine List Menu Covers

Impacts Wine List Menu Covers Are Now Available In Tempered Glass



Menu-Cover-Impact-Podium-Stand-Menu-Covers Impacts Table-top Menu Covers are as varied in design, size, and shape as are Impacts menu cover options. Impact offers these menu covers in Podium designs, Easel designs, Promotional designs, Flip-top designs, and Swivel designs. A table-top menu cover offers several opportunities: feature dinner specials, advertise upcoming events, feature drink specials or contain the complete beverage selection. Some flip-top or swivel table-top menu covers can contain the complete food and beverage selections for the restaurant. Impacts table-top menu cover options are available in most of Impacts material offerings including brass, copper, aluminum, wood, leather, urethane, poly, vinyl, etc.
Table-top Menu covers Impacts Table-top Menu Covers Are A Table-top Accessory Favorite


Menu-Cover-Hershey-Park-Menu-Covers Impacts Pool Menu Covers are another international favorite. Designed for patio and pool areas, this menu cover option is available in Poly, Acrylic, Wood, Metal, Vinyl, Leather, and Urethane. Poly, acrylic, and vinyl options are most popular for pool menu covers, while leather, urethane, wood, and metal are more popular as a patio area menu cover. Impact designs and manufactures these menu covers in all custom sizes, shapes, and designs. Let Impact design a water resilient or waterproof menu cover for your pool area. Creative designs encourage your guests to order... more frequently.
Pool Menu Covers Impacts Pool Menu Covers Stir Excitement In Your Pool and Patio Areas.



Menu-Covers-Xanterra-Menus-Cover Impacts Guest Services Menu Covers and In-room Dining Menu Cover options provide unique and attractive presentations in your guestrooms. These menu covers are designed to attract the attention of your guest to encourage your guest to use your properties facilities including restaurant and lounge areas. The appearance of this menu cover option defines how you feel about the importance of its contents and, therefore, how you feel about the quality of your restaurant, lounge, and other property facilities. Provide well designed and quality In-room dining menu covers and enjoy increased restaurant sales.

Guest Services Menu Covers

Impacts Guest Services Menu Covers and In-room Dining Menu Cover Options Encorage Your Guests To Peruse The Contents.










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