Menu Covers, Wine List Covers, and Menu Cover Design - Pricing for Custom Orders...


Can you provide a price list for Menu Covers and Menu Cover Design Options?

For our custom products we provide quotes with alternative options. Pricing is always dependent upon your particular specifications which can include a wide selection of options. In addition, Impact’s unique manufacturing capability will provide you with new specification options for consideration. A price list would be perplexing due to the number of options Impact can make available to you.

Your Impact Design Sales Associate will make specification suggestions for you in order to meet your product needs and budget requirements. Ask Questions… we are here to make certain you are comfortable with all available options that may be appropriate for your menu covers, wine list cover and other menu cover designs.

Basic Menu Cover Specification Options to consider for Pricing Estimates

  • Size of Printed Insert your cover is to hold. This helps to determine the size of the cover that will be required.
  • Number of Printed Inserts your cover is to hold (number of views). This also helps to determine the size of the cover that will be required.
  • Type of Binding you prefer: corner pockets, bar pockets, ring mechanisms (see Binding Options)
  • Quantity: number of pieces you may require.


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Who we work with