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Framed & Medallion Menus

Framed menu covers characteristically refer to two basic types, a die-cut window and frame construction.

A die-cut window typically frames decoration that is fixed, not removable, and frame construction is, as the name implies, an actual frame with an opening on one side, typically the top, to insert and remove decoration or printed menus.

Medallion menu covers typically refer to a type of decoration that is recessed in a debossed area that matches the exterior shape of the medallion.

However, there is some variation in interpretation that includes the die-cut window feature. Framed and Medallion menu covers are available in all materials that Impact Menus works with.  The decorations can include embossed metal inserts, die-struck medallions, branded leather, screened and engraved acrylic, engraved and printed wood, screened and foil debossed linens, etc.

Who we work with

Who we work with