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Metal Menu Covers

Impact Menus introduced metal menu covers and metal binder covers to the bindery industry in 1998.

These designer metal menus were initially copper but soon included aluminum, silver, and brass.

Metal, naturally, is a heavier and more durable cover material for menu covers and metal menus should have reinforced spines to complement durability. In 2003, Impact introduced recycled metals for eco-friendly metal menus and metal binders.

Impact’s innovative metal menu covers possess qualities that allow for exceptional branding opportunities. The variety of patina finishes Impact offers for copper and brass menus is unmatched in the industry, and our brushed finishes offered for aluminum and silver remains unrivaled. Creating a brand or contributing to an existing brand is what Impact accomplishes with its designer metal menu covers. The three most popular metals, copper, brass, and aluminum can be treated in ways that create an almost endless array of natural finishes, colors, and textures, thus creating unique and distinctive visual presentations for turned edge menu covers that are remembered.

Who we work with

Who we work with