• MENU COVERS and CUSTOM PRESENTATIONS Serving our Customers Since 1987

  • Distinctive, high quality menus used by Hilton, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, MGM Grand and many more!

Distinctive, high quality menus used by Hilton, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, MGM Grand and many more!

Impact Menus innovation and menu design has been transforming and enhancing the customer experience since 1987 through contemporary menu design and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Impact Menus offers customers a wide range of options for menu cover materials and menu cover categories to meet their specific needs. Our custom menu and binder covers are featured in discerning restaurants, hotels and resorts worldwide.

Impact Menus’ keen emphasis on menu innovation, design, quality, and customer service reflect the values we consistently strive to uphold. Our menus are crafted with reinforced spines and durable menu materials to serve our customers long-term with proper care. Custom designs are created with unique materials and processes resulting in distinctive menu covers, guest directory binders, wine list covers and more.

Our most popular menu types are genuine leather menus, vinyl menus, and metal menus. We also offer eco-friendly menus, menu cover interior options, and solid wood menus.

Impact’s passion for design is exemplified in menu covers that are interesting and thought-provoking; menu covers that catch the eye of customers and enhance their ordering experience.

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    When choosing menu covers , guest directories, proposals, and presentation holders, it’s important to consider that each is an extension of your brand and stands to make a lasting impression on customers and clients. The attention to detail and personal touches of a truly customized product enhances the entire experience of your patrons. Whether your presentations will be used in a boardroom or a resort, taking the time to carefully choose the materials and fine details of a custom binder or menu cover, will communicate the care and diligence taken in all your work.


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